Trinity United Methodist Church, Jersey Shore

Rev.: Josh Beben

Trinity United Methodist Church                       Click website:
1407 Allegheny Street                                           Phone: (570) 398-2913
Jersey Shore, PA 17740                                         Denomination: United Methodist

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am - 1 pm

Prayer time in lounge: Sunday, 8:45 am

Worship: Sunday, 9:00 am

Sunday School: Sunday, 10:30 am

Here at Trinity UMC we seek to love Christ, teach Christ, and serve Christ. All are welcome to come and grow in faith! We offer many learning and fellowship opportunities for all ages - Sunday and weekday small groups, music groups including choir, hand bells, and an ensemble, prayer groups... For our children and youth, we also offer a Tweener group for ages 10-12, a youth group for ages 13 and up, and an afterschool program on Wednesdays... there is also a volleyball group that plays on Tuesday evening, Cub Scouts, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, and two support groups... How can we serve you in Christ's name? 

  September 2020  
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